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J.D. Lever is building the foundation for students to reach their full potential and succeed as life-long learners.
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We invite volunteers to visit our school. The safety and protection of all students are of utmost importance. Volunteers must report to the office, sign in, and receive a pass from the office staff before going to any other part of the building or school grounds.

Per the Aiken County School District board and J.D. Lever Elementary School administration, all volunteers must adhere to the districtís policy on interacting with our students.† If you are interested in volunteering, please read the following information. You will need to also return a completed and signed volunteer form (link below) to the front office before proceeding to your volunteer duties.† All volunteers must read the board policy provisions applicable to volunteer interactions with students and sign that they acknowledge the conduct expectations of volunteers.† To protect our students, school, and the district, you will not be permitted to serve our students or staff without returning this form.† Volunteers must also
attend an orientation with the guidance counselor.† Volunteers must record daily assignments and hours volunteered. Reports are mandated by the Educational Improvement Act (EIA).† When you volunteer, visit and/or observe during school hours, please make necessary child care arrangements so young children are not with you. For safety and instructional reasons, children not enrolled at J. D. Lever should not be at school during school hours.

Volunteer Policy and Procedures
  • Read and return the signed portion of the volunteer policy and procedures prior to working with students.
  • Sign in at the front office and receive a badge upon arrival for duty.† The badge must be worn at all times during service.† At the end of service, return to the office to sign out.
  • Outside arrangements must be made for child care of non- J.D. Lever students.† Do not bring them to school during volunteer time.
  • All discipline is the responsibility of the teacher or staff member. Volunteers must never discipline a student.
  • Volunteers must follow same the procedures as staff during emergency drills.
  • Volunteers may not work directly with students in groups of less than two.† If requested by the teacher, a positive SLED background check must be completed before working one-on-one with any student
Board Policy Provisions Applicable to Volunteer Interaction with Students
Policy GBEB and Policy GBEBB
  • Set a good example
  • Remember dress, conduct, and interpersonal relationships are continuously observed by students.†
  • Refrain from engaging in cell phone use or other electronic communications, including texting, during time in a classroom or while engaging in student assistance (except in emergency or exigent circumstances)
  • Immoral or inappropriate conduct on the part of any person while working with students will constitute grounds for immediate cessation of activities. No person will commit or attempt to induce students or others to commit an act or acts of immoral conduct which may be harmful to others or bring discredit to the district. If it appears any person may have violated the law, the district will cooperate with law enforcement agencies.
  • A personís use of private (non-District-issued) electronic equipment, outside of volunteer hours, such as through improper or inappropriate student contact through social networking sites and/or inappropriate personal portrayal[s] on the internet), will result in immediate cessation of duties and possible referral to law enforcement if violation of law is suspected.†
  • Volunteers working in the District, while on duty and in the presence of students, will not use profanity, will not use tobacco in any form and will not consume or be under the influence of intoxicating beverages or unlawful drugs or substances.
  • A volunteer arrested for a misdemeanor offense, which does not involve criminal intent or which would indicate no danger or appearance of danger to students, staff, or the district, or otherwise cause disruption to the district's programs or have the potential to undermine patron confidence, will normally not be subject to any request to cease involvement.
  • A volunteer arrested for any other offense which would indicate a possible danger or appearance of danger to students, co-workers or the school district or otherwise cause disruption to the district's programs or have the potential to undermine patron confidence, will be subject to action consistent with district policy or procedure and the circumstances of each case.
Policy JRA and JRA ĖR

Personal information about students with whom volunteers work is confidential and can only be shared with the supervising staff member with whom the volunteer works, and/or the parent or legal guardian of the student.
Volunteer Form
Click here to print a copy of the volunteer form.† Once you have filled out the form (two pages), please submit it to the Main Office.†